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By Dead Crossroads, Oct 5 2015 06:07PM

Let's start October with some haunting news! Pre-orders for DC Season 1, 2-DVD Unrated boxset are now available! Release on October 13, 2015 from Chemical Burn Entertainment! Just in time for HALLOWEEN! PRE-ORDER NOW!

Dead Crossroads is a very real and sinister two-DVD travelogue that will take you to places literally oozing with Paranormal Activity. Armed with video cameras and hiking gear, you will follow award winning journalist Fabien Delage and French survival guide Julien Mazzitelli as they explore haunted ruins in ghost riddled, demon haunted and dilapidated mansions and haunted buildings in Europe. At night these remote and long abandoned mid-nineteenth century locations come alive as the crew encounter apparitions, spirits, phantoms, destructive poltergeist manifestations and a bevy of bizarre occurrences that all make their way to the Dead Crossroads cameras as they capture incredible and unexplained phenomena. Experience firsthand the most haunting and unforgettable mansions ever to have been built in France, with hauntingly beautiful footage accompanied by truly frightening historical information. Real stories, Real places, Real Fear...your new Haunted Journey starts now!


By Dead Crossroads, Mar 14 2015 11:40AM

Fright House Pictures has posted the new trailer on Friday 13th! Follow 3 ghost hunters through their nightmarish journey in France's most haunted places. Dead Crossroads: The Forbidden Files is the first French Found Footage Horror TV show.

Explore the day. Survive the night.

The 13 episodes, 13-minutes series will debut Winter 2015.

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Some places should stay locked forever.


By Dead Crossroads, Nov 12 2014 11:30AM

For French horror cinema, the future looks awesomely grim! French director Fabien Delage has teamed up with film production companies Fright House Pictures and Redwood Creek Films on a terrifying project that you'll definitely be hearing about. This soon to be horror hit à la française is going to give Europe the shivers. Cold Ground is a unique experience that shades a scary light on the mountains. Like the movie on FACEBOOK to get the latest news!


1976: Melissa and David, two young journalists freshly out of college, leave for the French-Swiss border to investigate a strange case of cattle mutilations and record testimonies and information about the story for a TV channel. Yet, once they get there, the scientific team they were supposed to meet has gone missing. Escorted by a first aider, a British biologist and an American forensic investigator, Melissa and David will go looking for the missing team deep into the mountains. Yet their rescue mission soon turns into a fight for survival as they get caught into an avalanche. Lost into the wild and petrified by the cold, the team is to experience the ruthlessness of the mountains. They'll realize that blizzards, frostbites and cliffs are not that bad once they find out that they are not alone in this snowy forest.

So what's cooking? Well, a good pinch of survival and creature movies with a big glug of 70s style and 8mm aesthetics with just the right amount of tension, gore, supernatural and snowy, hazardous remote locations. Learn more about the movie and see the videos!

Please help, share and donate and bring Cold Ground to life! The production will offer you the greatest creative, artistic and financial compensations if you decide to hop on board! Please, take a quick look at it, you won't be disappointed. SUPPORT THE MOVIE ON INDIEGOGO!

By Dead Crossroads, Aug 27 2014 08:21PM

Cette fois, l'horreur a décidé de sortir de l'obscurité pour révéler sa vraie nature... En plus de nous faire visiter les lieux les plus inquiétant de France (châteaux, orphelinats, pensionnats, maisons et autres manoirs), "DEAD CROSSROADS : LES DOSSIERS INTERDITS" nous fait vivre nos pires cauchemars lors de nuits mouvementées où les esprits se prêtent au regard de la caméra... Apparitions en tout genre, démence, visions d'horreur, lieux magnifiques et morbides, rien n'échappera aux caméras des chasseurs de fantômes de Dead Crossroads.

Une première image du tournage indique que les chasseurs de fantômes seront cette fois confrontés à un cauchemar bien réel! DC2 s'annonce donc comme la première série documenteur française dans la lignée de Grave Encounters et des films Found Footage!


This time, the face of horror has managed to leave the dark in order to reveal its true nature...On top of showing us France's most disturbing places (castles, orphanages, schools, houses as well as manors), "DEAD CROSSROADS: THE FORBIDDEN FILES" makes us endure our worst nightmares during troubled nights where spirits and the eye of the camera meet... With all kinds of apparitions, dementia signs, visions of horror and beautiful yet morbid places, nothing will escape the cameras of Dead Crossroads' ghost hunters.

A first sill shows that the ghost hunters will be confronted to a very real nightmare! DC2 will be the first French horror mockumentary show in the same veins as grave Encounters and Found Footage movies! SUPPORT THE SHOW ON INDIEGOGO!

By Dead Crossroads, Aug 26 2014 10:59PM

The three explorers' journey will bring us to desolate more-nightmarish-than-ever places. In the heart of darkness, they will spend one day and one night in France's most haunted places. Dark and horrifying stories resurface, macabre news items that defy one's imagination reemerge from the past and play on our nerves. Season Two will be full of nighttime twists and reality will blur with fiction to make us experience unprecedented fear, via an angst ridden paranormal expedition captured on film.

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Le voyage des 3 explorateurs nous mènera dans des lieux désolés plus cauchemardesques que jamais. Au cœur des ténèbres, ils passeront une journée et une nuit dans les endroits les plus hantés de France. De sombres et terrifiantes histoires referont surface, des faits divers macabres défiant l'imagination surgiront du passé pour jouer avec nos nerfs. La saison 2 sera riche en rebondissements nocturnes et la réalité s'entremêlera à la fiction pour nous faire vivre une expérience de peur inédite, une expédition paranormale angoissante, capturée en vidéo.

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