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By Dead Crossroads, Nov 12 2014 11:30AM

For French horror cinema, the future looks awesomely grim! French director Fabien Delage has teamed up with film production companies Fright House Pictures and Redwood Creek Films on a terrifying project that you'll definitely be hearing about. This soon to be horror hit à la française is going to give Europe the shivers. Cold Ground is a unique experience that shades a scary light on the mountains. Like the movie on FACEBOOK to get the latest news!


1976: Melissa and David, two young journalists freshly out of college, leave for the French-Swiss border to investigate a strange case of cattle mutilations and record testimonies and information about the story for a TV channel. Yet, once they get there, the scientific team they were supposed to meet has gone missing. Escorted by a first aider, a British biologist and an American forensic investigator, Melissa and David will go looking for the missing team deep into the mountains. Yet their rescue mission soon turns into a fight for survival as they get caught into an avalanche. Lost into the wild and petrified by the cold, the team is to experience the ruthlessness of the mountains. They'll realize that blizzards, frostbites and cliffs are not that bad once they find out that they are not alone in this snowy forest.

So what's cooking? Well, a good pinch of survival and creature movies with a big glug of 70s style and 8mm aesthetics with just the right amount of tension, gore, supernatural and snowy, hazardous remote locations. Learn more about the movie and see the videos!

Please help, share and donate and bring Cold Ground to life! The production will offer you the greatest creative, artistic and financial compensations if you decide to hop on board! Please, take a quick look at it, you won't be disappointed. SUPPORT THE MOVIE ON INDIEGOGO!

By Dead Crossroads, Mar 26 2014 06:41PM

Alors que la saison 2 de Dead Crossroads est en plein développement, un premier visuel promo fait son apparition sur la toile! Il met en scène l'exploratrice urbaine Aurore Siza devant l'un des plus beaux châteaux abandonnés du monde. Aurore Siza sera accompagnée de Geoffrey Blandin, caméraman de l'extrême pour 12 nouveaux épisodes plus terrifiants que jamais. Geoffrey Blandin, monteur de la saison 1 et acteur dans le court métrage de Fabien Delage The Wild Diaries (récompensé au Buffalo International Fantastic Film Festival en 2013), se retrouvera donc cette fois derrière la caméra sous la direction de Fabien Delage pour une nouvelle saison plus que musclée.

Fabien Delage: "Il était nécessaire, pour développer l'intrigue, d'ajouter une troisième personne à l'équipe. Geoffrey est un habitué des tournages commando, c'était indispensable de l'avoir dans la saison 2. Il nous fallait quelqu'un qui puisse gérer les prises de vue dans des environnements encore plus hostiles et un cadreur de plus n'était pas de refus!"

Si l'équipe de chasseurs de fantômes change pour cette nouvelle saison, le concept, lui, ne change pas. Les 3 explorateurs passeront une journée et une nuit dans les lieux les plus hantés de France. FrightHouse Pictures et le réalisateur annonce une saison grandiose en terme de lieux et d'action.

Fabien Delage

"Nous avons reçu beaucoup d'emails de fans qui voulaient plus d'apparitions, plus de fantômes et plus d'action pour la saison 2. Nous avons donc trouvé un juste compromi entre l'exploration, les histoires narrées et les évènements paranormaux qui surviendront à la nuit tombée. Dead Crossroads se veut avant tout visuel et divertissant, nous n'essayons pas de nous positionner dans le genre documentaire ou reportage. C'est quelque chose à part, quelque part entre la réalité et la fiction. Et cet aspect "fiction" sera tout à fait assumé dans la saison 2, ce qui, j'en suis sûr, en fera flipper plus d'un! Je suis un grand amateur de Found Footage et c'est dans cette direction qu'évoluera la série."

La saison 2 de Dead Crossroads nous fera voyager à travers des lieux en ruines démesurés et plus qu'inquiétants. Au programme: châteaux, manoirs, maisons, pensionnats et autres orphelinats. Aucune date de sortie annoncée à ce jour mais, une chose est sûre, la saison 2 promet une expérience de peur inédite, une immersion angoissante, esthétique et intense qui vous rappellera à quel point il fait bon rester chez soi près du feu...

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By Dead Crossroads, Jul 17 2013 07:01PM

Rue Morgue presents:

These Bones Shall Rise is a collection of 77 strange, disturbing and esoteric photographs by French photographer Fabien Delage. Once all the pictures are gathered in a box, the owner of the box can unleash evil and wake the dead.


Come to the show world premiere in Toronto, lose yourself in the mazes of the beautiful Metropolis Factory, the most crazy place in Toronto for art venues . Get ready to unleash evil...

Meet Fabien Delage and see a collection preview in a special showcase at The Festival Of Fear on August 22 - 25 2013.

METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE / South Building / 222 Bremner Blvd - Toronto, ON, M5V 2W6

Full Art Show launch on Thursday August 29th, from 6pm to 10pm with the artist, at

Metropolis Factory / 50 Edwin Avenue - Toronto, Ontario M6P 3Z5

The exhibition lasts until September 29th 2013!

Join the event on Facebook!

Wake the dead on

By Dead Crossroads, Jul 2 2013 11:07AM

Les chaussures du réalisateur de la série vendues à un collectionneur! Les célèbres adidas du créateur de la série, Fabien Delage, qui ont voyagé partout en France et visité les maisons les plus hantées du pays viennent d'être vendues à un collectionneur Suisse!

Dead Crossroads director's shoes have been sold to a collector! Fabien Delage's famous adidas shoes, that traveled everywhere in France and visited the most haunted houses in the country have been sold to a Swiss collector!

By Dead Crossroads, May 16 2013 02:19PM

Having committed the irreparable, a young woman runs away through the wild and desert American West in search of a hideout. She is going to try to get herself back together by beginning a life of wandering, without limit nor stability. Solitary, dissatisfied and tormented, to find herself she is going to multiply the more and more extreme experiences.

Halfway between the road movie, the art-house film and the Genre movie, The Wild Diaries is a poetic and aesthetic short movie. Resolutely dramatic in its story, the direction will borrow the aesthetic codes of sixties to deliver us the introspective and graphic monologue of a free female character which tries constantly to surpass herself to fill the space of her chaotic existence.

Filmed with a Super 8 (close to the 4/3 classic format) and an Iphone through California, Arizona, Uta and Nevada, in the heart of a wild and hostile nature, The Wild Diaries depicts a timeless, magnificent, wild and merciless America, an infinite territory where the only rules to be respected are the ones that we stand out.

The heroin is going to free herself from agreements and laws to live her own life, overtaking her physical and psychological limits, giving way to the excesses of her spirit, without compromise, without fear, without regret. A one-way journey towards the prohibition in sublimated America.

Having written and co-directed diverse short films such as " Under The Nature " and " Blow Of Madness " which were awarded in French festivals, 5 years after his last short " The End Of The Small Worlds", director Fabien Delage ("Dead Crossroads" - 2012 and " Fury Of the Demon" - 2013) returns on a short format with a work more than ever aesthetic and personal.

Armed with a Super 8 camera, storyboards and his technical cutting, he leaves by chance in the American West with actress Eva Chow to direct an atypical movie which is similar in its visual treatment to an exploitation movie of the 60's but with a very different sub-text, direction and message.

Starring Eva Chow, Sophia Sega, Fanfan, Geoffrey Blandin.

And if it is question of sexual freedom in THE WILD DIARIES, it is also question of violence and thus special effects. For the SFX and props, Fabien Delage appeals to BJ Winslow and his wife Eileen, founders of the famous Californian studio Dapper Cadaver located to Sun Valley! We owe to this studio the bloody props of TV series such as Supernatural, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Vampire Diaries, CSI: NY, Law and Order, Cold Case, NCIS, Nip / Tuck, Dexter, Bones and Entourage.

It does not ring any bell to you? Dapper Cadaver worked on features and blockbusters as Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - 4, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Cowboys and Aliens, Final Destination 5, Water for Elephants, No. Country music for Old Men, Twilight, Wizard of Gore, Nightmare one Elm Street, Night of the living room Dead 3D, 300, Silent Hill and many others.but also to the brilliant Anthony Rattin (Illinois) for the design of some gory elements, including the skined face of a man cut with cutter, terrifying of realism.

If the casting consists of little known comedians, there is however a star whom everybody knows in the movie … Nature. The Wild Diaries makes you travel in the heart of canyons, forest and mountains, through the most magnificent landscapes of United States. Support The Wild Diaries and participate in an unprecedented adventure! Back the project on

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