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By Dead Crossroads, Oct 5 2015 06:07PM

Let's start October with some haunting news! Pre-orders for DC Season 1, 2-DVD Unrated boxset are now available! Release on October 13, 2015 from Chemical Burn Entertainment! Just in time for HALLOWEEN! PRE-ORDER NOW!

Dead Crossroads is a very real and sinister two-DVD travelogue that will take you to places literally oozing with Paranormal Activity. Armed with video cameras and hiking gear, you will follow award winning journalist Fabien Delage and French survival guide Julien Mazzitelli as they explore haunted ruins in ghost riddled, demon haunted and dilapidated mansions and haunted buildings in Europe. At night these remote and long abandoned mid-nineteenth century locations come alive as the crew encounter apparitions, spirits, phantoms, destructive poltergeist manifestations and a bevy of bizarre occurrences that all make their way to the Dead Crossroads cameras as they capture incredible and unexplained phenomena. Experience firsthand the most haunting and unforgettable mansions ever to have been built in France, with hauntingly beautiful footage accompanied by truly frightening historical information. Real stories, Real places, Real Fear...your new Haunted Journey starts now!


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