Dead Crossroads is a new and inovative ghost show, a sinister travelogue that will take you to places few would suspect exist. Armed with video cameras and hiking bags, Fabien Delage – freelance artist and journalist – and French survival guide Julien Mazzitelli explore French haunted ruins, some of the


grandest, oddest and unluckiest buildings in the country of France.  Dead Crossroads is a handsome and nerve-racking study of  the most haunting and unforgetable mansions ever to have been built in France, with hauntingly beautiful frames and accompanied by frightening historical information.





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16 05 17

Summer is coming, exploration starts again! Check out new exclusive videos and contents on the official facebook page!


23 08 16

Dead Crossroads: The Forbidden Files, French region 2 DVD boxset out on September 6th. Special edition with tons of special features, including a 13th episode, SFX featurettes and an exclusive investigation in a haunted orphanage with Rue Morgue's Dave Alexander. Read more.





Dead Crossroads - Season 1 French DVD

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