Exploring Horror - Documentary

The French special edition of the Dead Crossroads DVD features a 32' documentary about the first season. This featurette includes unedited and uncut footage from the show, a filmed interview with the director, conducted by April Snellings for Rue Morgue's website and extracts from the panel hosted by Cryptozoology expert Lyle Blackburn (The Beast of Boogie Creek, Ghoultown) at the Festival Of Fear 2012.


Learn more about the show and about Poltergeists with Exploring Horror!


Language: English with French subtitles.



Awarded Graphic Designer Fabien Delage known as The Wondermaker is a French urban artist, photographer and font creator. He designs well-known typefaces and uses his logos and symbols on canvas, boards and toys. His works have been growing with involving pop art, graffiti art, street fashion and photography. Part of the Top 100 of the most downloaded Font Artists on the internet, his creations are everywhere : in movies, video games, websites, even in Second Life ! He works today as a freelance designer for world-famous magazines, TV channels and advertising agencies. In summer 2011, he released his first erotic photography project in NYC. His first solo photo exhibition - The Drift - took place in Paris in April 2012 at Urban Gallery Paris and in Los Angeles at Very Venice in June 2012.


What Fabien loves the most is to scare and entertain… He loves Horror. Not surprising that he worked on dozens of Horror movies covers and ads (from Stir of Echoes to Tucker & Dale VS Evil), his designs even appear in movies such as Piranha 3D or Shark Swarm. Even his band Bleeding Freaks is about Horror… After writing and co-directing several awarded French short movies, Fabien is working on a new ghost show, the first of the kind in France. Dead Crossroads will be released in 2012 on DVD and is already announced as the most innovative paranormal series ever !



About Fabien Delage

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